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Probing New Physics and the Nature of the Higgs Boson at ATLAS

HEP Seminar

Abstract: The long-sought Higgs boson discovered at the Large Hadron Collider completes the Standard Model of particle physics. During the last six years, substantial achievements have been made in probing the nature of the Higgs boson. Particle physics is, however, at an impasse: Deep mysteries of the Electroweak symmetry breaking remain unanswered, and long-awaited new physics phenomena beyond the Standard Model have not yet appeared.

In this talk, I start with a brief overview on the current profile of measurements of the Higgs boson properties and couplings. I then present Higgs couplings measurements in the four-lepton channel and the way we use the Higgs boson as a portal in the quest for new physics. In the end, I discuss the prospect of Higgs measurements at future colliders.