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Seminar | HEP Division Seminar | High Energy Physics Division

Probing the Higgs Yukawa Couplings at the LHC

HEP Division Seminar

Abstract: The Higgs boson observation by ATLAS and CMS Collaborations at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has completed the Standard Model: the culmination of a century of discoveries. Despite the overwhelming success of the Standard Model to date, the origin of fermion masses through Yukawa couplings to the Higgs doublet is loosely constrained experimentally and offers opportunities for discovery of Beyond Standard Model physics contributions. The status of the determination of the Higgs boson Yukawa couplings at the LHC will be presented, with an emphasis on the couplings to the quarks of the first and second generation, and the prospects for the future will be discussed.