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Seminar | Physics Division Medium Energy Physics Seminar | Physics Division

Probing the Nucleon Structure with Inclusive Electron Scattering

PHY Medium Energy Physics Seminar

Abstract: Quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the fundamental theory of strong interaction in terms of quarks and gluons, has achieved great success from experimental tests at high energies, where perturbative calculations can be carried out.  However, many essential questions regarding the confinement of quarks and gluons remain in the non-perturbative region.The nucleon can be viewed as a natural test laboratory with confined quarks and gluons, and thus the knowledge about its internal structure is critical to understand low energy QCD.

In this talk, I will present details of two experiments, E97-110 (Hall A, Jefferson Lab) and PRad (Hall B, Jefferson Lab), that study the nucleon structure with inclusive measurements of electron scattering. Experiment E97-110 measures the asymmetries from longitudinally polarized electrons scattering off a longitudinally or transversely polarized 3He gas target. Its results can test predictions of chiral effective field theory regarding the neutron spin structure through various sum rules. The PRad Experiment aims to resolve the proton radius puzzle” by extracting the proton charge radius from a high-precision inclusive measurement of unpolarized electron-proton scattering.

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