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Seminar | Materials Science Seminar | Materials Science Division

Qubit Control and Measurement with Superconducting Digital Electronics

MSD Seminar

Abstract: I will describe a scalable approach to the control and measurement of a superconducting quantum processor using a proximal classical co-processor based on the single flux quantum (SFQ) digital logic. Coherent control is realized by supplying a sequence of SFQ pulses to qubits. I will demonstrate that these pulses generate single qubit gates with fidelity above 99.9% and gate time of 20 ns. I will analyze the effect of small qubit anharmonicity and pulse time jitter on the gate performance. Qubit measurements are performed using an intensity sensitive Josephson photon counter. This measurement approach is naturally integrated with the classical SFQ co-processor for running error correction codes or analysis of the quantum processor output. I will argue that such integration of a quantum processor with classical digital circuitry will reduce reliance on microwave-based techniques for qubit control and measurement and facilitate development of a large scale quantum processor.