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Seminar | Physics Division

Recent Measurements with ORRUBA

PHY Seminar

Abstract: Direct reactions provide selective probes of the nuclear wavefunction; ORRUBA encompasses a suite of segmented silicon detectors optimized for measurements of such reactions. It was developed with a focus on measurements in inverse kinematics with radioactive beams, originally conceived as a standalone device for experiments on reaccelerated fission products. ORRUBA has more recently been coupled to other instruments, including Gammasphere and GRETINA, the JENSA gas-jet target, and the S800 spectrometer, for measurements at ATLAS and the NSCL. A particular focus has been on sd-shell nuclei, including constraining reaction rates for astrophysical proton-rich nucleosynthesis. An overview of some ORRUBA measurements will be presented, with an emphasis on recent results and experimental campaigns, and a look toward the FRIB era.