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Seminar | X-Ray Science Division

Sample Environment Design for In Situ and Operando X-Ray Applications at PETRA III

XSD Presentation

Abstract: The Sample Environment Group is a support group for all PETRA III beamlines at DESY in Germany. In cooperation with the beamline teams, we design and develop sample environment setups for best functionality without compromising the quality of the X-ray data. Moreover, these designs are optimized to become standard solutions for various beamlines to allow different type of experiments with the very same setup. Focuses are high- and low-temperature instrumentations, vapor deposition chambers, and high-pressure instrumentations.

In the last few years, together with the teams for the high-energy materials science beamline P07 and the high-resolution diffraction beamline P08, we have developed an in situ molecular beam epitaxy chamber for high-energy X-ray application and an in situ sputter chamber for pair distribution function (PDF) analysis. Other projects have long development times, such as cells for the investigation of confined liquids or a fast reflectivity setup for in situ reflectivity measurements.

Another important and innovative work area is the Extreme Condition Science Infrastructure (ECSI). ECSI is a collaboration of the Sample Environment Group and the Extreme Condition Beamline ECB P02.2 at PETRA III. ECSI provides for PETRA III beamline and user access to preparation and laser laboratories.

Moreover, we develop and support high-pressure cells including high- and low-temperature applications. We manufacture diverse diamond anvil cells (DACs) and develop new DAC designs. New projects are a resistive-heated dynamic DAC and cryogenic DACs. The Sample Environment Group has acquired well-grounded knolwledge of the production of diverse DACs so that now we are in a position to offer our cells for sale.