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Webinar | Argonne National Laboratory

Science at Work: Clearing the path to recycling batteries at scale

Part of the Science at Work series

Abstract: With more than 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) now driving on U.S. roads, we need to consider what happens when those cars go out of service. Without recycling those batteries more cost effectively, they would become 8 million tons of global scrap by 2040.

In this webinar, materials scientists Jessica Durham and Albert Lipson will describe their breakthrough: How to recover, separate and regenerate the cathode material, a battery’s positively charged electrode, at scale. Once complete, the processes will help pave the way for the large-scale recycling of EVs.

Join Durham, Lipson and moderator John Harvey, business development executive at Argonne, as they describe the challenges of recycling batteries and the steps needed to overcome them.