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Webinar | Argonne National Laboratory

Science at Work: Combating climate change with hydrogen

Part of the Science at Work series


Replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen could turn manufacturing and transportation into green industries. Companies can use hydrogen to reduce their carbon footprint in many ways – to generate electricity, deploy fuel cells for heavy duty vehicles, make steel and produce ammonia for fertilizer and products.

But turning these ideas into reality raises complex questions:

  • Which ways of producing hydrogen offer the largest return on investment and profits?
  • By how much would a firm’s carbon footprint shrink?
  • What new infrastructure is needed to produce and transport hydrogen? Is it affordable?

In this webinar, Amgad Elgowainy will explain how to quantify the risks and rewards of producing, transporting and using hydrogen in businesses. He and moderator John Harvey will explore the environmental and economic benefits of replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen.

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