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Webinar | Advanced Energy Technologies

Science at Work: How Can We Profitably Recycle EV Batteries?

Part of the Science at Work series

Abstract: In 2020, over 1.7 million electric vehicles were on U.S. roads and experts expect 15 million EVs in the U.S by 2030. Eventually, millions of tons of lithium-ion batteries that power those cars will reach their end of life. How can businesses recycle those batteries profitably?

Recycling lithium-ion batteries can present an economic challenge, but the U.S .Department of Energy’s ReCell Center aims to change that by creating new ways to recycle old batteries. One of the best ways is to retain a battery cathode’s structure. This can cut costs by nearly one-third while using almost two-thirds less energy.

In this webinar, Qiang Dai, sustainability analyst, will explain the challenges of recycling and discuss possible solutions. She will show how anyone can measure the costs of recycling lithium-ion batteries and how the process affects the environment with Argonne’s free EverBatt tool.

Join Qiang and moderator John Harvey, commercialization programs manager at Argonne, as they describe how to improve the costs – and greenhouse gas emissions – of recycling batteries. 

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