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Lecture | Argonne National Laboratory

Soil Sustains Humanity

Soil is a three-dimensional living system, containing solids, liquids, and gases that together form the upper layer of the Earth’s surface. From soil sprouts food that feeds all forms of life. Yet soil performs other vitally important functions. Why is this seemingly simple substance so important in more ways than is realized?

Join us as Argonne soil scientist Umakant Mishra discusses the state of soil and the largely unknown roles it plays in the regulation and well-being of humanity.


10-11 a.m.: Reception
11 a.m. - noon: Lecture and audience Q&A

Guests are welcome to arrive as early as 10 a.m. to enjoy the reception during which there will be opportunities to speak with Argonne scientists involved in environmental research.

Complimentary snacks will be available.

Registration is required.