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Seminar | Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Summer Argonne Students Symposium (SASSy)

LANS Informal Seminar

LANS summer students will present the results of their summer research.

Speaker / Seminar Title:

Kiefer Green / Multigrid for Tomographic Reconstruction

Baoyu Zhou / Manifold Sampling for Optimizing Nonconvex Piecewise-Smooth Compositions

Enakshi Saha / Bayesian Latent Variable Modeling of COVID-19 Infection Rate

Gideon Idumah / Inverse Problems to Discover the Weights of Canonical Motor Microcircuits in the Spinal Chord

Sayed Sadat / Solving ACOPF Problem by Using Sequential Linear Programming Method

Shanyin Tong / Rare Events and Their Optimization

Weiqi Zhang / Network Decomposition for Optimization over Power Networks

Yixuan Sun / Traffic Incident Detection Using Point-Based Data

Yong Xie / Asynchronous Trust-Region Algorithm for the Least-Squares Optimization