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Seminar | Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Summer Argonne Students Symposium (SASSy)

LANS Seminar

LANS summer students will present the results of their summer research.

Speaker / Seminar Title:

Rylee Sundermann / Large-Scale Coupled Network Simulations with DMNetwork

Agnimitra Dasgupta / Machine Learning for Ptychography

Andres Rodriguez / Domain-Informed Graph Neural Networks for Scientific Applications

Dominic Skinner / Deep Learning Reduced-Order Models for Computational Physics Applications

Dominic Yang / Nonlinear Optimization for Robust Design of Experiments

Jared Carlson / Stellar Explosions

Jongeun Kim / Integer Optimization for Machine-Learning

Max Heldman / Tokamak Disruption Simulation

Wenjun Zhao / Ordinary Differential Equation Solvers for Scientific Machine Learning