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Webinar | Mathematics and Computer Science

Supercomputing for Everyone

Part of the Supercomputing Spotlights webinar series presented by the SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing, featuring short presentations that highlight the impact and successes of high-performance computing (HPC) throughout our world.

Abstract: Come and learn how high-performance computing (HPC) fosters scientific discovery! We will look back at nearly two decades of supercomputing innovations that have reshaped the gaming industry, enhanced climate/weather predictions, and facilitated research on drug design. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is yet another game changer. Did you know that AI powered by supercomputers has been at the forefront of rapid research responses in the international fight against Covid-19? This presentation will highlight successful HPC advances and call out opportunities for impacting the future of our global society.

Bio: Satoshi Matsuoka is the Director of RIKEN Center for Computational Science, and he oversees the deployment and operation of the Fugaku supercomputer. He has been the leader of the TSUBAME series of supercomputers that pioneered the use of GPUs in supercomputing.