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Seminar | Physics Division Theoretical Physics Seminar | Physics Division

The Structures of Light Mesons from the Light-Front Wavefunctions for Their Valence Quarks

PHY Theoretical Physics Seminar

Abstract: We study the valence structures of the flavor nonsinglet pion, rho meson, pseudoscalar kaon, and vector kaon within the basis light-front quantization framework. Using a light-front Hamiltonian containing confinement potentials and the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio chiral interactions, we obtain the light-front wavefunctions (LFWFs) of these mesons as eigenfunctions. We then calculate the elastic form factors, decay constants, and parton distribution amplitudes from these LFWFs. Meanwhile, the valence parton distribution functions for the pion and the pseudoscalar kaon calculated from these LFWFs are consistent with the experiments after the leading order DGLAP evolution. We also briefly discuss the relation between the LFWF of a two-body bound state and the Minkowski space Bethe-Salpeter amplitude.