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Seminar | Center for Molecular Engineering

The Zeta Potential as an Indicator of Surface Properties

IME Seminar

Abstract: The zeta potential is commonly used to determine the charge at the solid-water interface. In particle dispersions and emulsions, the zeta potential is assessed by the measurement of the electrophoretic mobility. With the measurement of the streaming potential, the zeta potential of solid samples becomes accessible. Besides the surface and interfacial charge, the zeta potential is an indicator for surface chemistry (surface functional groups), surface hydrophobicity, and liquid-on-solid surface adsorption processes.

In this seminar we cover the chemical and physical background of the zeta potential, illustrate its versatility by selected applications, and provide practical hints for using the SurPASS™ 3 instrument for the streaming potential measurement.

Bio: Thomas Luxbacher is the principal scientist for surface charge and zeta potential at Anton Paar. He has a Ph.D. in technical chemistry from Graz University of Technology (Austria).