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Seminar | High Energy Physics Division

TMD structure at the EIC using jets

HEP Theory Seminar

Abstract: Understanding of transverse momentum dependent (TMD) functions will elucidate our understanding of the internal structure of hadron in terms of elementary quarks and gluons and provide us with a deep insight into the elusive mechanism of hadronization. The TMD functions appearing in relation  to the initial and final state hadrons are referred to as TMD distributions and TMD fragmentation functions, respectively. Jets at the planned Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) provide new processes useful to study these TMD structures effectively. In this talk, I will discuss three different processes involving jets that are useful to studying TMD functions at the EIC

i) back-to-back production of e+jet

ii) TMD hadron distribution inside an inclusive jet production process

iii) TMD hadron distribution inside an inclusive jet produced back-to-back with e.