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Seminar | Nanoscience and Technology Division

Toward Developing Energy-Efficient Systems Based on Novel Nanocarbon Materials

NST Seminar

Abstract: Developing energy-efficient systems across the length scale with little or no burden on the environment has been a focus of research efforts around the globe, and it spans a wide spectrum of research areas whether it is related to micro/nano devices or meso/macroscale systems. In this context, I’ll discuss my research efforts using novel carbon materials such as diamond and graphene in the fabrication of energy-efficient micro- and nanosystems with new functionalities, by manipulating materials properties during the synthesis process. Further, I’ll discuss how manipulating the interaction of materials at the nanoscale and understanding the atomistic-scale dynamical process at the surface and interfaces can have a profound impact on macroscale. In this case, I’ll mention few specific examples where friction and wear between two sliding surfaces at macroscale could be reduced to near zero (superlubricity) by using a combination of nanomaterials such as graphene and nanodiamond at nanoscale under certain conditions. This discovery presents a paradigm shift in the understanding of the frictional behavior of two-dimensional materials-based solid lubricants alone and in combination with nanoparticles and offers a direct pathway for designing

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