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Colloquium | Materials Science Division

Two-Phase Nanocomposites for Novel Multifunctionalities: Oxide-Oxide, Oxide-Metal, Nitride-Metal, and Beyond

Materials Science Colloquim

Abstract: Integrating two functional materials through nanoengineering in a thin-film form provides unlimited possibilities in developing new materials with multifunctionalities or unique functionalities for future optics, electronics, and energy applications. This talk focuses on a set of hybrid materials with unique functionalities for device applications, including low-field magnetoresistance materials, multiferroics, exchange bias, metamaterials for plasmonics and photonics, and high-density magnetic data storage. Hybrid material designs have shifted from oxide-oxide systems to the newly discovered oxide-metal and nitride-metal systems. Enabled by versatile materials selection and structural flexibility, these new nanoscale nanocomposites present a wide range of property tunability and find novel applications in magnetic data storage, optical sensing, and energy.