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"": How Climate Scientists Can Rise to the Challenge of Online Misinformation

Computation Institute Seminar
Emmanuel Vincent, Sierra Nevada Research Institute
January 26, 2017 12:30PM to 1:30PM
University of Chicago, Searle Lab 240A

Abstract: Misinformation on scientific topics abounds online, both "fake news" and plain misunderstanding. Facebook and Google are now taking steps to counter the spread of false information on their platforms, but they need partnerships with scientists to identify misinformation and promote trustworthy journalism. The Climate Feedback initiative aims to rise to this challenge. Climate Feedback organizes scientists to collectively review news stories about climate change and rate their scientific credibility to provide feedback to readers, journalists, and editors. We are now moving to the new challenge of expanding our scope significantly and providing information in near real-time to social media platforms. Applying our approach at scale poses new computation challenges, including text mining to identify and characterize climate change articles; automated matching of articles with reviewers; automatic claim detection and extraction; and tracking the origin and spread of "fake news." In this seminar, we will discuss the progress made so far, the opportunities ahead, and the ways you can get involved in these efforts.

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