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Learning Batch Scheduling Policies for EASY Backfilling

MCS Seminar
Valentin Reis, Inria/University Grenoble
February 12, 2018 1:30PM to 2:30PM
Building 240, Room 4301

Abstract: Scheduling policies are a key part of high-performance computing resource management. These policies outline where and when to start which compute job on the platform. In this presentation, we study various aspects of a user-centric view of the system. Is there a best scheduling policy in general for objectives such as the average waiting time or average slowdown? Can a good policy be learned on a given system? Is simulation of the system helpful, when applicable? Can a policy be learned on the fly, in an online setting, and how? We will answer these questions via a comprehensive experimental study of priority-based policies using the EASY-backfilling framework.