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Probing the Nature of Neutrinos

Physics Division Seminar
Karsten Heeger, University of Wisconsin, Madison
March 18, 2013 3:30PM to 4:30PM
Building 203, Room R150
Neutrinos were proposed as a remedy to explain nuclear beta decay. Now they are essential in our understanding of the Universe. They determine the abundance of light elements, are critical to supernova explosions, and may hold the key to understanding the matter-antimatter asymmetry. Observation of neutrino oscillations is amongst the major discoveries of the last decade. Many important questions remain: Are neutrinos their own antiparticles? Are there more than 3 neutrino species? And what is the pattern of neutrino mixing? In this talk I will describe how the search for neutrinoless double beta-decay with the CUORE experiment and future reactor experiments.