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Universal Imprints of a Pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Higgs Boson

HEP Theory Seminar
Da Liu (HEP)
May 17, 2018 10:30AM to 11:30AM
Building 362, Room E188

Abstract: A large class of models addressing the electroweak naturalness problem postulates the existence of new spontaneously broken global symmetries above the weak scale. The Higgs boson arises as a pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone boson (pNGB) whose interactions are nonlinear due to the presence of degenerate vacua. We argue that, once the normalization of the pNGB decay constant f is determined, the Higgs nonlinear interactions in the gauge sector are universal in the infrared and independent of the symmetry breaking pattern G/H, even after integrating out heavy composite resonances. We propose a set of "universal relations" in Higgs couplings with electroweak gauge bosons and in triple-gauge boson couplings, which are unique predictions of the universal nonlinearity. Experimental measurements of these relations would serve as the litmus test of a pNGB Higgs boson.