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Environmental Science

Community Research on Climate and Urban Science (CROCUS)

A Chicago-based Urban Integrated Field Laboratory led by Argonne National Laboratory

CROCUS is an Urban Integrated Field Laboratory established by Argonne with help from academic and community organizations and civic and industry champions. Our goal is to understand and meet the challenges of Chicago’s changing climate, such as heat islands, poor air quality, high energy costs, and flooding. These challenges are pervasive and negatively impact the economic, social, and health status of these communities, yet they are historically poorly understood.

CROCUS pursues the fundamental scientific understanding that will ultimately be necessary to inform the design and deployment pathways of technical solutions that promote social equity and enhance urban resilience in response to the climate crisis. In doing so, CROCUS trains and educates a skilled workforce that will be engaged and productive in the transition to a clean energy urban system.

Learn more at www​.cro​cus​-urban​.org