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High Energy Physics Division

Collaborative Research

High Energy Physics Division’s scientific program is collaborative and multidisciplinary. We partner with colleagues in Argonne’s other divisions and throughout the world to create new technologies and solutions. The future of high energy physics rests on an approach that combines theory, materials development, detector physics, computation, and good program management. We share information freely to develop an aligned approach that plays to and leverages existing strengths both here at Argonne and throughout our collaborations.

Members of the High Energy Physics Division play leadership roles in collaborative enterprises dedicated to provide support and set standards for larger research activities in the scientific community at large.

Some of Argonne’s principal high-energy physics leadership participation efforts include:

Collaborative Research


The CMB-S4 experiment will provide a dramatic leap forward in our understanding of the fundamental nature of space and time and the evolution of the universe.
Collaborative Research

High-Energy Partnership

The collaboration between Argonne National Laboratory, Fermilab, and the University of Chicago — which runs both laboratories — has yielded tremendous benefits across a wide range of experiments situated literally all around the world.