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High Energy Physics



Committee Purpose Members

Award/Prize Nomination Committee

Makes recommendations and prepares nominations for awards, prizes, and fellowships.

G. Bodwin, J. Power

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity Program Office works to help the Laboratory meet its goal of becoming a more diverse workplace and fostering an inclusive culture.

L. Bleem, R. Boughezal, W. Hopkins, E. Kovacs, N. Rezek, P. van Gemmeren, P. Winter, R. Yoshida

Lunch Seminar Committee

Arranges weekly Tuesday noon seminars.

V. Bhopatkar, A. Hearin, A. Rafique.

(Admin. N. Rezek)

Promotions and Hires Committee

Set minimum standards for and make specific decisions on certain hires and promotions of research & development (R&D) employees

G. Bodwin, S. Habib, K. Heitmann, J. Power, R. Yoshida

Safety Committee

Reviews experimental operations and special safety issues. 

Division Safety Best Practices

T. Cecil, W. Ellman, E. Glombicki, U. Geiser, T. Hayden, S. Magill, A. Paramonov, J. Piatek, N. Rezek, G. Wang, E. Wisniewski, L. Xia, R. Yoshida

Seminar Committee

Arranges weekly Thursday 11 a.m. Division seminars

Seminar Speaker Suggestions:  https://​docs​.google​.com/​s​p​r​e​a​d​s​h​e​e​t​s​/​d​/​1​h​3​m​I​c​s​u​1​x​b​i​b​U​A​X​c​U​t​7​O​v​c​5​L​H​c​J​C​s​7​L​8​g​V​4​C​Y​D​i​9​e​C​c​/​e​d​i​t​#​gid=0

A. Bender, Z. Djurcic, W. Liu, J. Metcalfe, F. Petriello  

(Admin. R. Quinn)

Space Committee

Handles space issues and allocations for Bldgs. 360-362.

R. Boughezal, P. Winter, R. Wagner, R. Yoshida, J. Zhang

Theory Seminar Committee

Arranges weekly Tuesday morning seminars.

R. Boughezal, I. Low

(Admin. R. Quinn)

Young Scientists Symposium Series Committee

Arranges symposium series occuring three times per year.

L. Bleem, C. Bissolotti, F. Kéruzoré, S. Kim, A. Rafique, S. Villarreal, T. Wamorkar

(Admin. M. Warren)