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Committee Purpose Members
Accelerator Safety Review Committee

Act in an advisory capacity to support implementation of the Laboratory’s accelerator safety program.

M. Conde
Argonne Combined Appeal

The ACA Steering Committee is responsible for managing the annual contribution campaign to local health and welfare agencies.

N. Rezek, S. Tezak

Award/Prize Nomination Committee

Makes recommendations and prepares nominations for awards, prizes, and fellowships.

G. Bodwin, S. Kuhlmann, J. Power

CASPIR (Critical and Sensitive Personal Information Reporting) Division Representative

Develop and implement administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that are required by the HIPAA Security Rule for the protection of e-PHI.

E. Kovacs

CERN Courier Correspondent


T. LeCompte

DEP/Student Coordinator

Coordinates student appointments for summer and academic year; advises on student policy and plans.

A. Herman, N. Rendon, N. Rezek, S. Tezak

Director’s Special Colloquium Committee

Identify and attract speakers of high quality with scientific and strategic interest for the Director’s Special Colloquia at Argonne

C. Chang

Distinguished Fellow Review Committee

Ensures quality of the Postdoctoral and the Named Fellowship Program through review of Named Fellowship proposals and Divisional Postdoctoral Appointee applications

S. Kuhlmann

Division Property Representative

Maintains property records

T. Hayden, N. Rezek

Event Committee

Organizes annual divisional picnic, Christmas party, and special social events

M. Conde, T. Hayden, A. Herman, N.Rezek, S. Tezak, 

Equipment Committee

Considers issues relating to HEP Division equipment resources.


Laboratory Postdoc Representative

Division representative for lab-wide fellowships

J. Power

Laser Safety Officer


J. Power

LDRD Representative

Serves on the Director’s Review Committee (DRC) for LDRD Competitive Grants S. Chekanov

Lunch Seminar Committee

Arranges weekly Tuesday noon seminars.

F. Carter, J. Grange

(Admin. N. Rezek)

Facility Inventory Manager (FIM) for Building 362

Responsible for the implementation and approval of the movement of radiological materials, as well as the concurrence of all radioactive material movements.

L. Reed (Primary)

P. DeLurgio (Secondary)

Programmatic ESH/QA Committee

Support implementation strategies for and promote understanding of Argonne environment, safety, health and quality assurance (ESH/QA) policies and procedures

L. Reed
Programmatic Oversight Committee for Hires & Promotions

Set minimum standards for and make specific decisions on certain hires and promotions of research & development (R&D) employees

S. Habib

PSE Award Committee

  K. Byrum

Publications Secretaries

Handles publication formalities in the PANDA System N. Rezek, R. Burns, S. Tezak, A. Herman

QA Representative

Advises division on quality assurance and acts as liaison with QES office

L. Reed

Sealed Radioactive Source / Radioactive Item Custodian To ensure all radioactive materials/items are property stored and inventoried within assigned radioactive materials area L. Reed

Safety Committee

Reviews experimental operations and special safety issues.

G. Drake, U. Geiser, J. Overby, J. Power, L. Reed, R. Talaga, K. Wood

Safety Coordinator

Co-chairs Area Safety Committee; advises division management on safety matters.

L. Reed

Seminar Committee

Arranges weekly Wednesday 11 a.m. Division seminars

J. Metcalfe, C. Wagner, G.Wang, P. Winter

(Admin. R. Burns)

Space Committee

Handles space issues and allocations for Bldgs. 360-362.

R. Boughezal, M. Conde, J. Cranshaw, M. Demarteau, G. Drake, S. Habib, P. Winter, R. Wagner, J. Zhang

Strategy Group Advises division director on divisional plans and priorities.

R. Boughezal, C. Chang, M. Demarteau, Z. Djurcic, K. Heitmann, T. LeCompte, J. Power, J. Zhang

Technical Personnel Committee

Advises division director on technical staff promotions and appointments.


Theory Seminar Committee

Arranges weekly Tuesday afternoon seminars.

D. Liu, U. Schubert-Mielnik

(Admin. R. Burns)

Projectors Video Conference Systems

Responsible for video conference systems and permanently installed projectors.

T. Hayden

Women in Science & Technology Steering Committee

Support Argonne’s strategic plan for diversity, providing leadership and resources to promote the success of women in scientific and technical positions at the Laboratory.

J. Proudfoot
Young Scientists Symposium Series Committee

Arranges symposium series occuring three times per year.

A. Bender, L. Bleem, V. Bhopatkar, P. Larsen, D. Liu

(Admin. S. Tezak)