Argonne National Laboratory

2017 Summer Student Lecture Series

All talks are at Noon in building 362 conference room F-108.

Date Speaker Title Material
July 10

Dr. Marcel Demarteau

High Energy Physics Division Director

Particle Physics at Argonne


Dr. Taylor Childers

Advanced Scientific Computing Software Engineer

Faster Results through Parallel Analysis Slides
July 17

Dr. Sasha Paramonov

Energy Frontier (ATLAS) Physicist

Modern readout system for the hadronic calorimeter of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider  
July 24

Dr. Zelimir Djurcic

Intensity Frontier Neutrino Physicist

Neutrinos: What have we learned? Slides
July 31

Dr. Joseph Grange

Intensity Frontier Muon Senior Research Associate

Muon g-2: how a magnet from the 90’s may usher in a new age of physics Slides
August 7

Dr. Lindsey Bleem

Computational Cosmic Frontier Physicist

Constraining Cosmology with the South Pole Telescope