Argonne National Laboratory

Leon T. Reed

Environmental Safety Health Coordinator

Currently serving as HEP division ES&H Coordinator cultivating the new safety culture in accordance with laboratory compliance and regulatory demands. 

Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) accountabilities at the High Energy Physics (HEP) division comprise of developing solutions to complex worker, safety, and health problems that require critical thinking and frequent collaboration with the Environment, Safety, and Quality (ESQ) Division resources.

As a graduate of the Cohort #2 Strategic Laboratory Leadership Program (SLLP), providing safety leadership expertise to address laboratory environmental, rad protection, and waste management issues such as:

  • Implementing DOE Executive Order 13514 mandating reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; specifically SF6 for HEP (resulting in a DOE Secretary’s Achievement Award)
  • Creating broad perspective to set aside funding to seek Authorize Limits from DOE that would enable reduced onsite radiological controls
  • Working with the Nuclear and Waste Management (NWM) Division as a Project Leader, to develop concepts and strategies that address longstanding laboratory legacy waste issues
  • Integrating with other Lab stakeholders to ensure successful execution of Laboratory programs and insentives like the Clean Space Initiatives (CSI) ($100K cost savings to HEP)

Additionally, working more than twenty-five (25) years in the HEP division appling safety practices while serving internationally for HEP in Geneva Switzerland (CERN) and Hamburg Germany (DESY), and sharing leadership skills by volunteering time to mentor with the Argonne Afro-American, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) High School Research Mentor-Program.