Argonne National Laboratory

Midhat Farooq

Guest Graduate Student

Midhat Farooq is a 5th year graduate student at the University of Michigan working in particle physics. She graduated with a double bachelors in physics and math from UCLA, and is currently at Argonne National Lab working on a Helium-3 based optical magnetometer to calibrate the magnetic field measurement in the muon g-2 experiment based at Fermilab.

Besides research, Midhat has been actively involved in the Michigan physics department organizing social events and advocating for graduate student needs. She also served on the executive board for the Soeicy for Women in Physics, organizing outreach and professional development events. Recently, Midhat has joined the graduate student government at U of M as a representative from her division. She is also participating in two APS committees and will likely join similar organizations at Argonne and Fermilab. Her goal is to pursue a career in advocacy and science policy.