Argonne National Laboratory

Todd Alan Hayden

Engineering Specialist, Electronics

Printed Circuit Board Designer with twenty + years of experience in designing printed circuit boards incorporating high-speed Digital, Analog, Power Supply, and RF technologies. Board designs range from simple single-sided to complex with up to twenty layers.  Strong emphasis on quality and attention to detail. Works well with Electrical, Mechanical, and Manufacturing staff to achieve design success under critical time and financial constraints.


PCB Design

  • Schematic capture through OrCAD Capture.
  • Board dimensions and template are decided based on required circuitry and format of the PCB.
  • Stack layers of the PCB. 1 to 20 layers or more depending on design complexity. Layer stack-up is decided for power, ground and signal layer order.
  • Line impedance determination using dielectric layer thickness, routing copper thickness and trace-width. Microstrip, stripline or dual stripline can be used to route signals.
  • Placement of the components. Thermal considerations and geometry are taken into account.
  • Routing the signal traces. Critical traces are routed first.
  • Design for Fabrication and Design for Assembly audits for improved manufacturablitiy
  • Gerber, BOM and assembly file generation for manufacturing.

HEP IT Support

  • Maintain HEP Division networking hardware.
  • Maintain HEP Division video conferencing systems.
  • Configure network connections through Laboratory network hardware as needed.