Argonne National Laboratory

Volodymyr Yefremenko



  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Specialty: Radio-engineering systems including microwave technology), Kharkov Aviation Institute (now Zhukovsky National Aerospace University of Ukraine) / Ukraine, 1987.  PhD thesis: “Superconducting bolometric detectors for sub-millimeter wave receivers”
  • M.S.  State diploma in mechanical engineering, Kharkov Aviation Institute / Ukraine, 1975.


  • (1975-1989) Designed, assembled and characterized superconducting bolometric detectors and arrays for infrared instruments including aircraft onboard and a satellite -based systems of detection and recognition  at Special Research and Development Bureau for Cryogenic Technologies, Institute for Low Temperature Physics and  Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (ILTPE).
  • (1989-2003) Investigated detecting properties of new superconducting materials and supervised various projects on development of infrared imaging diagnostics tools & methods at ILTPE.
  • (2003-Current) At Argonne National Laboratory developed a novel concept for imaging over a broad spectral range based on optical activation of superconducting microbolometers, was responsible for the fabrication of 90GHz polarization sensitive detector array deployed on South Pole Telescope in 2012, investigated superconducting properties of thin films and multilayer structures as a function of geometrical and technological parameters.


  • R&D in the area of novel high sensitivity detectors and systems; applied solid state physics and materials science.