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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Printed Circuit Board Layout Services

Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout Services staff has the experience and tools necessary to create a wide variety of PCB designs, from simple double-sided boards with through-hole components, up to 20+ layers with blind and buried vias.

We are skilled in leading-edge designs incorporating impedance-controlled bus lines, and surface mount components. Types of board designs include analog, digital, high-speed, RF and mixed-signal analog/digital. We use professional CAD tools, schematic driven with design rule checking, and auto-routing capability. Our designs are done to industry standards. We maintain a list of qualified PCB fabrication vendors with a range of capabilities, and can arrange for complete turn-key production, if desired.

PCB Design Capabilities

  • Digital / Analog / Mixed signal
  • RF Microwave
  • High-speed Design
  • Motherboards, Backplanes
  • Differential and Matched Length Routing
  • Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Flex Boards
  • Split / Partial Planes
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Ball Grid Array
  • High Density Interconnect
  • Auto-Routing
  • Schematic Capture
  • Bill of Materials Reports
  • Pick and Place Data
  • IPC Design Standards
  • DFM and DFA Checking

Industry-leading CAD Tools

  • Allegro PCB Designer
  • OrCAD Capture
  • AutoCAD/Inventor

PCB Fabrication

  • Low-cost to High-tech