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Human Resources Division

Diversity and Inclusion

To do world-class, 21st-century science, we need a world-class, 21st-century workplace.

As we strive for excellence in all we do, we need to make sure that we are recruiting, hiring and retaining the very best people — a diverse group of smart, talented and capable men and women who are committed to our mission of delivering new discoveries and innovations that address our nation’s most pressing needs in energy, sustainability and security.

Our employees’ myriad perspectives make the laboratory a leading problem-solving research and development organization.

By bringing together smart, talented people whose cultural and intellectual backgrounds equip them to look at a problem from a variety of viewpoints, we develop the most innovative and workable solutions to our nation’s scientific and engineering challenges. Diversity in thought, background and approach adds value and to scientific enterprise through the development of unique and creative, pioneering solutions.