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Human Resources Division

International / Newcomers Assistance

Welcome to Argonne and the Chicagoland area

Argonne is made up of a diverse international community of scientists, engineers and staff members, many of them living in the Chicago area for the first time.

New to the U.S. or Chicago?

A new country can seem overwhelming at first, but there are many good resources to help you feel at home in the United States. Argonne offers a number of resources to help you. If you are new to the Chicago area, you’ll find useful information here for both yourself as new or prospective Argonne employee and also for your family.

A few tips for everyday life:

  • In today’s business life, Americans are more informal and more inclined to use first names than people of other nationalities. If, upon meeting you, someone uses your first name,  he or she is being friendly.
  • Americans call the ground floor of a building the first floor, the floor above that the second floor, and so on. In a building with an elevator, you will see a star next to the number of the ground floor.
  • Americans typically write dates in month/day/year order. To be clear, spell out the month and use the full year.
  • At home, Americans do not typically identify themselves when answering the telephone. At work, however, you are expected to identify to do so. Ask your supervisor what she or he prefers.
  • Americans use miles, feet, inches, gallons, quarts and so on for measurement, rather than the metric system. An online measurement convertor can be a helpful tool.

Where to Live

When selecting a place to live, you will want to consider how long it will take you to commute to work, which towns or neighborhoods suit you best and what kinds of amenities are available in the area.

Getting to Work

New to Chicago? Here are some tips for getting to work and around the area.

Area Entertainment and Recreation

Chicago is home to a world-renowned symphony, a major opera company and a wide variety of theaters and professional sports teams, and the city hosts many special events and festivals throughout the year.

Weather and Climate

The Midwest region of the United States experiences all four seasons. Here are some things to know about the weather and climate in Chicago.