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Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center

Collaborative Research

Strategic collaboration drives manufacturing innovation

Argonne National Laboratory is situated near dozens of the nation’s top engineering and research schools. Many of them actively collaborate with scientists and engineers at Argonne and in its manufacturing science and engineering initiative on research projects and to train the next generation that will develop and operate advanced manufacturing technologies.

Materials Science Division

Materials Science Division

The collaborative work done in Argonne’s Materials Science Division brings together scientists with world-class expertise who use the laboratory’s state-of-the-art facilities to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the small-scale phenomena that make materials behave the ways that they do.

University Collaborators

logo of Northwestern University

Northwestern University

Northwestern scientists partner with Argonne on several advanced manufacturing projects including additive manufacturing, machine learning, and flame spray pyrolysis, and more than 100 Argonne employees are Northwestern alumni. Learn more

logo of the University of Chicago

University of Chicago

Collaborative work on membrane, catalysis, and water technologies for advanced manufacturing are just a few of the projects that University of Chicago researchers conduct with Argonne scientists and engineers, and more than 100 Argonne employees are University of Chicago alumni. Learn more

logo of the University of Illinois-Chicago

University of Illinois-Chicago

University of Illinois at Chicago researchers work on numerous projects with Argonne scientists including computer simulations and modeling, process intensification, and battery chemistries,  and more than 100 Argonne employees are alumni of the University of Illinois-Chicago. Learn more

logo or the University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teams of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Argonne work on grand challenges in areas including materials design, modeling of energy systems, and coatings, and more than 80 Argonne employees are University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni. Learn more