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Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center

Frontiers in Materials Manufacturing: Materials for Water

Materials for Water
Friday, October 2, 202010:0011:30 AM CT

Manufacturing innovations will play a significant role in solving the global water crisis. How can we use pioneering technologies to deliver next-generation purification materials — selective and resistant to fouling and degradation in energy-intensive applications — that are fundamental to clean water accessibility? Experts included:

  • Frank Cassou, Co-Founder & CEO, Cyclopure
  • Peter Fiske, Executive Director, National Alliance for Water Innovation
  • Alaina Harkness, Executive Director, Current
  • Melissa Klembara, Technology Manager for the RAPID Institute and the Energy-Water Desalination Hub, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Katie Kollhoff, Co-Founder & CEO,  NUMiX Materials
  • Paul Westerhoff, Regents Professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, Arizona State University
  • Jeffrey Wilbur, RO/NF Membrane Chemistry Manager, DuPont Water Solutions

Webinar moderator Junhong Chen, lead water strategist at Argonne, capped off the webinar with a virtual tour where you can see for yourself the state-of-the art equipment and technologies available to industry partners in the MERF.

View the agenda and speaker biographies.

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