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Collective behavior of electrons and spin in quantum matter

The power of today’s computing devices rests on the quantum mechanical properties of single electrons moving individually through semiconductors.

Future information technology platforms may rest on developing ways to unleash the power of the collective behavior of electrons or electron spins in materials where these fundamental particles self-organize.

We are exploring the principles that shape the emergence, tunability, extent and dynamics of topological, magnetic or electronic phases in molecular, bulk, surface and interfacial quantum matter. Argonne’s comprehensive experimental and theoretical portfolios in quantum matter provide the foundational expertise from which to extend our understanding of these complex systems.


Create quantum simulators through scanning probe-based precision assembly of ions, atoms and molecules. This project develops fundamental understanding of multiscale interactions among ions, atoms and molecules. This knowledge will allow us to generate and control collective quantum behavior by directed assembly of artificial matter not found in nature.  One potential outcome will be quantum simulators designed to solve foundational problems in condensed matter physics that resist solution by classical computing schemes. 

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