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Announcement | Mathematics and Computer Science

Anshu Dubey presents plenary talk at SIAM conference

Anshu Dubey, a computational scientist in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory, gave a plenary talk at the SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (PP22), held virtually in February 2022.

In her presentation, titled Software as an Instrument of Science,” Dubey noted that scientific software has long failed to gain the recognition it deserves in enabling scientific discoveries.

But that this situation is changing,” Dubey said. We have now entered an era where we are re-examining our assumptions about software and scrutinizing our approaches for software efficacy and efficiency.”

Several factors have motivated the re-examination. As scientists run increasingly demanding real-life simulations, with increasingly complex codes, on increasingly heterogeneous computational platforms, the issues of software maintainability, portability, and sustainability have become critical.

Dubey described her experience as a software architect of the high-performance multiphysics community code FLASH and a new code, Flash-X, derived from FLASH but designed for heterogeneous platforms.

Using FLASH-X as an example, Dubey presented a blueprint” of software efforts that are needed to ensure a high-quality, portable, and maintainable software ecosystem for exascale and beyond.

This is a golden opportunity for the high-performance computing community to apply lessons learned from the past and fully recognize software as the invaluable scientific instrument it is,” Dubey said.

For information about the SIAM PP22 conference program and for abstracts of the presentations, see the website .