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Article | Mathematics and Computer Science

Argonne researchers receive special award for work fighting cancer

Three Argonne researchers -- Rick Stevens (CELS director), Tom Brettin (CELS strategic program manager) , and Ravi Madduri (MCS Division computer scientist) -- received a special award in May 2017 from the office of the U.S. Secretary of Energy for addressing the global health challenges of cancer.

In January 2016, the Cancer Moonshot Task Force was launched to renew governmental focus on cancer research. The immediate goal was to accelerate research on cancer and to pioneer the notion of predictive medicine. The Argonne researchers have been addressing the goal by using advanced computing and machine learning to streamline the building of models that predict how specific patients and tumors may respond to different types of drugs.

The researchers received the award for their role in the partnership  between DOE and the National Cancer Institute.

For further information, see the website: https://​www​.anl​.gov/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​d​e​p​a​r​t​m​e​n​t​-​o​f​-​e​n​e​r​g​y​-​s​e​c​r​e​t​a​r​y​-​r​e​c​o​g​n​i​z​e​s​-​a​r​g​o​n​n​e​-​s​c​i​e​n​t​i​s​t​s​-​w​o​r​k​-​t​o​-​f​i​g​h​t​-​e​b​o​l​a​-​c​ancer