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Article | Mathematics and Computer Science

MCS Division researchers to participate in Deep Learning Workshop

Argonne will hold a Deep Learning Workshop on Jan. 16–18, 2018. The workshop will dive into the wide use of deep learning across the laboratory with the goal of raising the competency of the lab as a whole.

Deep learning is an area of machine learning that is increasingly being applied in many scientific domains, including image recognition, neuroscience, and bioinformatics. Deep learning presents both new challenges and new opportunities for researchers – from better understanding of the theory to development of novel algorithms and architectures.

The workshop will be opened by Ian Foster, an Argonne Distinguished Fellow and senior scientist in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division. Among the speakers at the workshop will be three MCS Division computer scientists – Prasanna Balaprakash, Nicola Ferrier, and Justin Wozniak. On the first day Balaprakash will discuss Deep Learning Basics,” and Ferrier will give a presentation on Learning at the Edge.” On the second day, Balaprakash will give a talk on Recurrent Neural Networks”; and Wozniak will speak about Hyperparameter Optimization: Getting the Most Out of Your Models.”