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Article | Mathematics and Computer Science Division

MCS researchers to play major role at SC19

Mathematics and Computer Science researchers will play a major role at premier annual conference in high-performance computing, networking, storage and analysis.

The Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) division at Argonne National Laboratory will play a major role at SC19, the premier annual conference in high-performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. This year’s event will take place Nov. 17-22, 2019, in Denver, Colorado. MCS staff will share their work and knowledge through a wide range of activities, including invited talks, technical paper presentations, workshops, panel discussions and tutorials.

Following is a list of the activities MCS researchers are participating in at this year’s conference (MCS staff names in bold). For the full SC19 program, see the website at https://​sc19​.super​com​put​ing​.org/.

Invited Talks 

  • Invited Talks – Valerie Taylor (session chair)
  • Scientific Domain-Informed Machine Learning – Prasanna Balaprakash (DOE booth)


  • Significantly Improving Lossy Compression Quality Based on an Optimized Hybrid Prediction Model – Xin Liang, Sheng Di, Sihuan Li, Dingwen Tao, Bogdan Nicolae, Zizhong Chen, Franck Cappello
  • Scalable Reinforcement-Learning-Based Neural Architecture Search for Cancer Deep Learning Research – Prasanna Balaprakash, Romain Egele, Michael A. Salim, Stefan Wild, Venkatram Vishwanath, Fangfang Xia, Tom Brettin, Rick Stevens
  • FT-iSort: Efficient Fault Tolerance for Introsort –  Sihuan Li, Hongbo Li, Xin Liang, Jieyang Chen, Elisabeth Giem, Kaiming Ouyang, Kai Zhao, Sheng Di, Franck Cappello, Zizhong Chen
  • Full-State Quantum Circuit Simulation by Using Data Compression – Xin-Chuan Wu, Sheng Di, Emma Maitreyee Dasgupta, Franck Cappello, Hal Finkel, Yuri Alexeev, Frederic T. Chong

Birds of a Feather Sessions

  • Big Data and Exascale Computing (BDEC2) Community Roundtable – Pete Beckman, Mark Asch, Jack Dongarra
  • Reconfigurable/FPGA Clusters for High Performance Computing – Martin Herbordt, Taisuke Boku, Franck Cappello, Naoya Maruyama, Andrew Putnam, Kentaro Sano, Jeffrey Vetter, Kazutomo Yoshii, Xavier Martorell, Venkata Krishnan, Christian Plessl, Torsten Hoefler
  • MPICH: A High­Performance Open­Source MPI Implementation – Ken Raffenetti, Yanfei Guo, Min Si, Giuseppe Congiu, Hui Zhou, Shintaro Iwasaki
  • Analyzing Parallel I/O – Shane Snyder, Julian Kunkel


  • Early Career Program – Ralph McEldowney, Valerie Taylor, Satoshi Matsuoka, Alison Kennedy (panelists)
  • Reconfigurable Computing in HPC: Success Stories Today and Future? – Franck Cappello (moderator); Taisuke Boku, Christian Plessl, Kentaro Sano, Kazutomo Yoshii, Martin Herbordt, Jeff Vetter (panelists)
  • Machine-Learning Hardware: Architecture, System Interfaces, and Programming Models – Pete Beckman, Prasanna Balaprakash, Swann Perarnau, Valentin Reis (session leaders)
  • Enabling Data Services for HPC – Jerome Soumagne, Philip Carns, Mohamad Chaarawi, Kevin Huck, Manish Parashar, Robert Ross (session leaders)
  • OpenSHMEM: State of the Union 2019 – Steve Poole, Tony Curtis, Min Si, Howard Pritchard, Pavel Shamis (session leaders)
  • HPC Big Data and AI: Computing under Constraints – Satoshi Matsuoka, Charles Catlett, Rosa M. Badia, Greg Koenig, Ewa Deelman (panelists)


Parallel I/O in Practice – Robert Latham, Robert Ross, Brent Welch, Glenn Lockwood

Workshop Organization

  • The 2019 International Workshop on Software Engineering for HPC-Enabled Research (SE-HER 2019) – Jeffrey Carver, Neil Chue Hong, Daniel S. Katz, Anshu Dubey
  • H2RC 2019: Fifth International Workshop on Heterogeneous High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing – Jason Bakos, Christian Plessl, Franck Cappello, Torsten Hoefler, Michaela Blott
  • Women in HPC: Diversifying the HPC Community and Engaging Male Allies – Misbah Mubarak, Gokcen Kestor, Toni Collis, Marium Umar
  • ISAV 2019: In Situ Infrastructures for Enabling Extreme-Scale Analysis and Visualization – Wes Bethel, Kenneth Moreland, Nicola Ferrier, Matthew Wolf

Workshop Presentations


  • Reinforcement Learning for Quantum Approximate Optimization – Sami Khairy, Ruslan Shaydulin, Lukasz Cincio, Yuri Alexeev, Prasanna Balaprakash
  • libCEED - Lightweight High-Order Finite Elements Library with Performance Portability and Extensibility – Jeremy Thompson, Valeria Barra, Yohann Dudouit, Oana Marin, Jed Brown
  • Poster 80: Sharing and Replicability of Notebook-Based Research on Open Testbeds – Maxine V. King, Jason Anderson, Kate Keahey
  • Parallelizing Simulations of Large Quantum Circuits – Michael A. Perlin, Teague Tomesh, Bradley Pearlman, Wei Tang, Yuri Alexeev, Martin Suchara
  • Exploring Interprocess Work Stealing for Balanced MPI Communication – Kaiming Ouyang, Min Si, Zizhong Chen
  • ILP-Based Scheduling for Linear-Tape Model Trapped-Ion Quantum Computers – Xin-Chuan Wu, Yongshan Ding, Yunong Shi, Yuri Alexeev, Kibaek Kim, Hal Finkel, Frederic T. Chong
  • Optimizing Asynchronous Multi-Level Checkpoint/Restart Configurations with Machine Learning – Tonmoy Dey, Kento Sato, Jian Guo, Bogdan Nicolae, Jens Domke, Weikuan Yu, Franck Cappello, Kathryn Mohror