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Article | Mathematics and Computer Science Division

MCS researchers to play major role in Machine Learning workshop

Four MCS Division researchers from Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division will give presentations at the Machine Learning at Argonne National Laboratory workshop March 14-15, 2017.

The goal of the workshop is to introduce researchers to the wide-range use of machine learning across the Lab, highlighting opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration.

Prasanna Balaprakash, an assistant computer scientist in MCS, will give four presentations:

  • Overview of Mathematical Models
  • Computer Science: Application Performance Prediction on HPC Systems
  • Run First Example
  • Iterating with More Complicated Examples

Sven Leyffer, a senior computational mathematician in MCS, will present a talk on

  • Optimization and Unsupervised Learning on X- Ray Fluorescence Data

Machine learning has become increasingly important to scientific discovery. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Energy has stated that it believes machine learning has the potential to transform Office of Science research best practices in an age where extreme complexity and data overwhelm human cognitive and perception ability by enabling system autonomy to self-manage, heal and find patterns and provide tools for the discovery of new scientific insights.”

For further information about the Argonne workshop, see the website https://​anl​.app​.box​.com/​s​/​j​u​y​2​z​p​u​7​l​q​5​w​d​o​e​c​y​i​t​l​f​j​i​h​l​m​z​bs4gb.