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Awards and Recognition | Mathematics and Computer Science

Stacey receives Outstanding Service Award

Craig Stacey, IT director of the Computing, Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) directorate at Argonne National Laboratory, has won a 2021 Outstanding Service Award from the UChicago Argonne Board of Governors.

Stacey’s service to Argonne spans nearly two and a half decades. He joined Argonne in 1997 as a systems administrator in the Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Division and since then has held various roles, including assistant manager of Core IT for MCS and IT manager for the University of Chicago/Argonne Computation Institute, MCS, and CELS.

A focus throughout Stacey’s career has been providing the computing environment that Argonne scientists need to further their research. His contributions include automating systems management functions so that his team can devote more time to working with the user community; heading the layout and design of the Supercomputing Support Facility for the new Theory and Computing Sciences Building, spearheading the CELS General Compute Environment and Argonne Laboratory Computing Resource Center; expanding Slack adoption within CELS; implementing a secure, isolated network for biology instrument computers; and leading the user support and outreach group for the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.

I am honored to receive this recognition, especially for something I simply love doing,” Stacey said. The demands of IT are constantly changing, and Argonne has provided a superb environment for addressing the challenges such changes raise -- from emerging technology to cybersecurity issues.”

Stacey was also praised for his technical leadership at Argonne. For example, he served on the Laboratory Management System IS Process team, helping Argonne receive ISO certification. He contributed to a proposal resulting in the first Cray at Argonne. He also was part a joint effort between Argonne and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to build a cloud computing cluster for scientific computing. Moreover, Stacey is a member of the Information Technology Advisory Board Executive.

The  award will be presented at the UChicago Argonne Board of Governors Awards ceremony, to be held virtually on Tuesday, Nov. 16.