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Mathematics and Computer Science Division

COOLR: A New System for Dynamic Thermal-Aware Computing

Developing a dynamic system to evaluate the interplay between computation management, data, power dissipation, and thermal state

NOTE: For those who are interested in the COOLR annual meeting, please contact Kazutomo Yoshii at ky@​anl.​gov.

The goal of this project is to create a holistic thermal-aware view of the system, capturing both inherent physical attributes and dynamic system state. Specifically, the project involves development of COOLR, a dynamic system with the ability to evaluate the interplay between management of computation, data, power dissipation, and thermal state. Thereby, COOLR will achieve higher overall performance at the same energy and cooling cost.

Specific objectives can be categorized into two main directions: (1) systematic power and thermal modeling of high-performance computing architectures, including investigation of novel thermal instrumentation techniques; and (2) development of a thermal-aware OS and runtime system.

The main outcome will be scheduling and allocation of processes and memory accesses leading to an appropriately skewed” distribution of activity across the system.