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Mathematics and Computer Science

Givens Associates

Developing innovative techniques in numerical computing and computational mathematics

The Givens Associate positions are intended to encourage professional growth in graduate students who are beginning careers in numerical analysis or computational mathematics.

Application consideration will begin on January 15 (early application deadline) and continue until March 1 (final application deadline), or until all available slots have been filled.

Candidates must be currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in applied mathematics, computer science, computational science, statistics, or a related field at a U.S. university. Givens Associates will work actively with researchers in the Mathematics and Computer Science division designing, analyzing, and implementing numerical algorithms in areas such as:

  1. State-of-the-art techniques — including automatic differentiation, data analytics, machine learning, numerical optimization, and performance tuning — that advance the field of scientific computing and lay the groundwork for new scientific insights.
  2. New approaches to mathematical modeling and numerical simulations to study multiphysics, multiscale phenomena focusing on PDE and ODE solvers, discretizations, uncertainty quantification, and stochastic approaches.
  3. Incorporation of new numerical methods into portable, high-performance software, and testing of that software in large-scale data-driven and simulation-based studies of interest to the scientific community. 

Current interests at Argonne in applied mathematics, numerical software, and statistics are described here

Key Notes:

  • Appointments are for 10 to 14 summer weeks.
  • U.S. citizenship/permanent residency is not required.
How to Apply:
  • The application requires the following components:
    • Your current CV.
    • Contact information for letters of recommendation (at least two).
    • Contact information for your academic advisor for proof of enrollment.

For questions about Givens Associates, please email givens@​mcs.​anl.​gov.