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Mathematics and Computer Science

RAMSES: Robust Analytical Models for Science at Extreme Scales

Transforming our understanding of science workflows in extreme-scale science environments

The aim of the RAMSES project is to develop a new science of end-to-end analytical performance modeling that will transform understanding of the behavior of science workflows in extreme-scale science environments.

We intend that RAMSES research will not only advance knowledge but also provide a path to transforming how science workflows and science infrastructures are designed, implemented, and operated across the DOE science complex. To this end, we will prototype a suite of end-to-end analytical performance models, experimental testing tools, and numerical methods. We will also develop a performance advisor that will provide actionable feedback regarding achieved performance.

We will apply these tools to a range of performance analysis problems, including prediction, explanation, and optimization of performance metrics for the Globus file transfer service. This work will both showcase what RAMSES technologies can do and allow us to obtain feedback from our stakeholder community.