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Materials Science Division

Instrument Development

We are strongly involved in the ongoing development of novel instrumentation, techniques, and data analysis tools that advance our scientific programs and enable new science.

Our group led the development of novel diffuse neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering techniques, which have the potential for broad impact in determining the relations between local correlations on the nano- and mesoscale and emergent physical phenomena. These efforts recently led to the development and funding of the Corelli single crystal diffuse scattering instrument at the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The group also plays an active and important role in expanding the capabilities of existing instrumentation, which enables our studies of complex magnetic and orbital correlations and their relation to emergent phenomena.

Illustration of the workflow to determine complex disordered structures by utilizing high intensity neutron or synchrotron x-ray beams in combination with fast area detectors and efficient software to transform and analyze large datasets.