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Materials Science Division

Origins of Density Wave Correlations

We investigate the origin of charge-density wave (CDW) order and how the suppression of CDW correlations relates to the onset of superconductivity and other novel phenomena in a variety of systems.

Utilizing a variety of neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering techniques, combined with other experimental methods, we study in detail how various different interactions drive CDW correlations, how the CDW correlations are affected by the presence of competing interactions, how they are suppressed upon doping or applied pressure, and how they relate to physical properties. Systems of current interest are transition metal dichalcogenides, rare-earth tri-tellurides, layered manganites and nickelates, and iron-based superconductors.

Single-crystal diffuse X-ray scattering measurements from a sample of a novel family of intermetallic compounds shows the appearance of new, weak reflections (middle panel) due to the formation of a charge density wave.