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Materials Science Division

Surface Chemistry Publications


Sampson, M.D.; Emery, J.D.; Pellin, M.J.; Martinson, A.B.F. Inhibiting Metal Oxide Atomic Layer Deposition: Beyond Zinc Oxide” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017, just accepted.

Weimer, M.S.; McCarthy, R.F.; Emery, J.D.; Bedzyk, M.J.; Sen, F.G.; Kinaci, A.; Chan, M.K.Y.; Hock, A.S.; Martinson, A.B.F. Template-Free Vapor-Phase Growth of Patrónite by Atomic Layer Deposition” Chem. Mater. 2017, just accepted.

Wang, F.; Martinson, A.B.F.; Harutyunyan, H. Efficient nonlinear metasurface based on non-planar plasmonic nanocavities” ACS Photonics 2017 accepted.

Riha, S.C.; Koegel, A.A.; Emery, J.D.; Pellin, M.J.; Martinson, A.B.F Low-temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of CuSbS2 for Thin Film Photovolatics” ACS. Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017, 9, 4467-4673.

Sampson, M.D.; Parks, J.S.; Schaller, R.D.; Chan, M.K.Y.; Martinson, A.B.F. Transition Metal-Substituted Lead Halide Perovskite Absorbers” J. Mater. Chem. A 2017, ASAP.

Rimoldi, Martino; Bernales, Varinia; Borycz, Joshua; Vjunov, Aleksei; Gallington, Leighanne; Platero-Prats, Ana; Kim, I. S.; Fulton, John; Martinson, A.; Lercher, Johannes; Chapman, Karena; Cramer, Christopher; Gagliardi, Laura; Hupp, Joseph; Farha, Omar Atomic Layer Deposition in a Metal-Organic Framework: Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance of a Solid Acid” Chem. Mater. 2017, ASAP.

Guo, P.; Weimer, M.S.; Emery, J.D.; Diroll, B.T.; Chen, X.; Hock, A.S.; Chang, R.P.H.; Martinson, A.B.F.; Schaller, R.D. Conformal Coating of Phase Change Materials on Ordered Plasmonic Nanorod Arrays for Broadband All-Optical Switching” ACS Nano. 2017, 11, 693-701.


Kim, I.S.; Cao, D.; Buchholz, D.; Emery, J.; Farha, O.; Hupp, J.T.; Kanatzidis, M; Martinson, A.B.F. Liquid Water- and Heat-Resistant Hybrid Perovskite Photovoltaics via an Inverted ALD Oxide Electron Extraction Layer Design” Nano Lett. 2016, 7786-7790.

Hoffeditz, W.L., Son, H.J., Pellin, M.J., Farha, O.K., & Hupp, J.T. (2016). Engendering Long-Term Air and Light Stability of a TiO2-Supported Porphyrinic Dye via Atomic Layer Deposition. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(50), 34863-34869.

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Avila, J.R.; Emery, J.D.; Pellin, M.J.; Martinson, A.B.F.; Farha, O.K.; Hupp, J.T. Porphyrins as Templates for Site-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition: Vapor Metalation and in Situ Monitoring of Island Growth” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, 8, 19853-19859.

Mo Kun, D. Yun, Y.B. Miao, X. Liu, M. Pellin, J. Almer, J.S. Park, J.F. Stubbins, S.F. Zhu A.M. Yacout, (2016) Investigation of High-Energy Ion-Irradiated MA957 Using Synchrotron Radiation under In-Situ Tension.” Materials, 9(1), 1-11.

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Goswami, Subhadip; Ma, Lin; Martinson, Alex; Wasielewski, Michael; Farha, Omar; Hupp, Joseph Toward Metal-Organic Framework Based Solar Cells: Enhancing Directional Exciton Transport by Collapsing Three-Dimensional Film Structures,” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, 8, 30863-30870.

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