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Materials Science Division

Theme II: Intercalation and Ionic and Lattice Correlations

This topic explores materials’ properties that are dominated by atomic disorder, ionic correlations, or intercalation and diffusion.

Intercalation, diffusion, and ionic and lattice correlations are underlying many properties of great importance for energy applications, including energy storage, energy transport, energy harvesting, thermoelectricity, transducers and many more. Because these properties are generally associated with strong scattering signatures, accurate models of the underlying disorder and short-range order can be obtained using single crystal diffuse scattering techniques. Topics we are interested in include short-range ordering of intercalant ions in energy storage materials, ionic correlations and transport in solid electrolytes, static and dynamic correlations near a lattice driven structural quantum phase transition, and ferroelectrics and relaxors in the quantum limit.

The ability to efficiently measure the scattering over large volumes and over whole phase diagrams using both neutrons and x-rays allows to attribute different scattering signatures to different materials properties.