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The role of science and technology in meeting America's energy, environmental and economic challenges

Statement of Dr. George W. Crabtree, Senior Scientist, Associate Division Director and Distinguished Fellow, Materials Sciences Division, Argonne National Laboratory.

March 5, 2009
Argonne biologist Dan Schabacker loads a biochip onto a reader for analysis.
Biochip technology reveals “fingerprints” of biochemical threats

The biochip offers Daniel Schabacker and his colleagues at Loyola University a chance to determine the “signatures” of biological agents that can be used for bioterrorism, most notably the bacterium that causes anthrax, Bacillus anthracis.

March 23, 2009
Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research and Development

Statement of Mark T. Peters, Argonne National Laboratory before the Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, June 17, 2009.

July 17, 2009
Argonne opens new chapter in battery research: Li-Air

In a natural progression, Argonne is now pursuing research into Lithium-air batteries. Li-air batteries use a catalytic air cathode that converts oxygen to lithium peroxide, an electrolyte and a Li anode.

September 15, 2009
Science Beyond the Stimulus: America needs to 'reignite innovation ecology'

To build a national economy based on sustainable energy, the nation must first "reignite its innovation ecology," Argonne National Laboratory Director Eric Isaacs told members of the National Press Club last week in Washington, D.C.

September 15, 2009
Knowledge is Power: Argonne scientists work to re-invent a "smart" electrical grid

America's power grid system today faces the same kinds of challenges that the country's communication system did in the 20th century. Just as email fundamentally changed how we interact, new technologies for creating, storing and using energy require scientists to find more efficient ways to transmit and distribute it.

October 1, 2009
These tiny branches, or "dendrites," of pure uranium form when engineers reprocess spent fuel from nuclear fast reactors.
Putting the new in nuclear

Ever since the 1950s, Argonne's scientists have worked to develop fast reactors, which allow the recycling of many of the toxic isotopes that compose nuclear waste.

October 1, 2009
Argonne chemist Jeff Elam examines solar cell materials prepared using atomic layer deposition at various stages of fabrication.
Everything under the sun: Refining solar cell technology at Argonne

"If you thought of powering America as trying to fill a swimming pool," said Argonne materials scientist George Crabtree, "then the energy from the sun's rays would give you enough to fill Lake Michigan."

October 1, 2009
Mayly Sanchez, an Argonne particle physicist, received an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from HENAAC, the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Award Corporation.
Particle passion: Argonne physicist honored with HENAAC award

Mayly Sanchez, a particle physicist at Argonne National Laboratory, received an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Award Corporation.

October 28, 2009
The interior of the TCS Building features a zen rock garden.
Argonne's computing Zen

Argonne National Laboratory recently opened a world-class interdisciplinary research center which is dedicated to large-scale computation and builds on Argonne’s strengths in high-performance computing software, advanced hardware architectures and applications expertise.

November 2, 2009